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VISCOpro 2100 Oil Viscosity Monitor


The VISCOpro 2100 is the next generation viscosity transmitter for real-time monitoring on high-vibration applications.

By incorporating the oscillating piston method, an industry-proven sensor technology, the VISCOpro 2100 is the best choice for applications requiring fast, real-time and reliable data to get the most out of rotating equipment.


With a small sample size, easy installation, flexible configuration, and minimal maintenance needs, the VISCOpro 2100 is the ideal viscosity transmitter to prevent damage and help extend the life of engines or compressors.



  • Designed for high-vibration environments

  • Temperature compensated viscosity to minimize false alarms (ASTM D341)

  • Self-cleaning allows for year of operation without recalibration

  • Robust and durable design limits downtime

  • Hazardous area certified

    • ATEX

    • IECEX

    • FM


To configure your VISCOpro 2100 and review all options available, please see data sheet and configuration guide linked below.

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