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Amot Self Actuated Thermostatic Control Valves

Amot thermostatic valves are available in a wide selection of sizes and settings to fill a multitude of fluid temperature control requirements. They make very economical temperature limiting valves for engine and lubricating oil cooling, and to prevent scalding in home or hotel hot water supply systems. Radiant heating systems can use these valves to limit water temperature to prevent surface cracking and over-heating of plastic piping. Other applications include electronic and battery cooling circuits, pump temperature relief valves etc.


The Perfect Fit and Forget Solution for Temperature Control

AMOT thermostatic temperature control valves provide reliable, automatic and accurate temperature control of fluids. These self-contained, 3-way temperature control regulating valves may be used in either mixing or diverting applications and require no external power source. They provide years of trouble-free service and require minimal maintenance. ​


Internal-sensing, 3-Way thermostatic control valves, or temperature regulators, are suitable for process control and industrial applications where fluids must be mixed or diverted depending on their temperatures. They may also be applied to cogeneration systems to control temperatures in the heat recovery loop assuring proper engine cooling and maximizing heat recovery.

Additionally, they are suitable for process control and industrial applications where fluids must be mixed or diverted depending on their


Simple to install, operate and maintain, they provide years of trouble-free, reliable temperature control without the need for external power sources. 


Working Principle

The temperature control power is created by the expansion of a wax/copper mixture highly sensitive to temperature changes. The forces created by the warming/expansion of the mixture in turn acts upon the sliding valve, thus regulating the flow.

The right diagram shows the valve actuation in diverting mode at start and cooling positions. During operation the sliding valve constantly modulates for accurate temperature control.

Reliable, rugged construction makes the unit sensitive to temperature variations, but not easily disturbed by pressure changes and sudden surges. This allows stable temperatures to be maintained over a wide range of operating conditions.


Features and Benefits:

  • No external power source required - simple, low cost installation

  • No user setting needed - ‘fit and forget’ solution

  • Small number of parts – simple maintenance and low cost of ownership

  • Robust design capable of high vibration and shock applications

  • Easy installation, operates in any mounting position

  • Automatic self-sensing control with positive proportional valve action

AMOT 3-Way thermostatic control valves are the perfect “fit and forget” solution in cooling, lubricating oil, heat recovery, and jacket water systems as well as water-saving and tempered water applications. 


AMOT temperature control valves provide a simple and reliable way to control the temperature of fluids that are vital to the operation of industrialmachines and process equipment. They are often used in turbines, compressors and engine jacket water/lubrication oil cooling systems.

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