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Model R:

Three way thermostatic valve

Temperature control valve Model R controls fluid temperatures in cooling systems, heat recovery and many other temperature control applications. It is also suitable for process control and industrial applications where fluids must be mixed or diverted depending upon temperature.

Features and Benefits:

  • Flow Rates of 25 - 172 USGPM (Preliminary Data) 

  • Weldable Connections

  • Element Easily Removed While Valve Remains In-Line 

  • Tamper-Proof Temperature Settings

  • Minimal Leakage Paths to Atmosphere

  • Ideal for Refrigeration Ammonia Service



  • Refrigeration compressors

  • Industrial compressors

  • Turbines

  • Engines

  • Gear boxes

  • High pressure Applications


Temperature ranges: 35-82°C  (95-180°F)

Materials: Cast steel BS 3146 CLS 1A-ASTM A216

Connections: Weldable flanges


The valve is supplied with the temperature element assembly factory-set to the nominal temperature setting. Temperature is sensed at Port A which remains open to Port B (bypass) until the fluid temperature reaches a point 8-10°F below the nominal setting. As the temperature continues to rise, the sliding valve moves to close off Port B and open Port C (connected to the cooler or heat exchanger). Port B is fully closed 8-10°F above the nominal setting.

Download data sheet for R-valve >>

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