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Amot Valve Applications


Heat Exchangers

Amot thermostatic valves can be applied on the heat exchanger to keep coolant or lube oil at an appropriate working temperature. 


Lube Oil & Water Stations​

A lube oil station is to provide clean lubricating oil to the bearings, gears, pistons and other parts on the industrial machineries, such as centrifugal compressors, blowers, petrochemical pumps, aluminum foil rolling mills, turbines, etc...


Water stations can provide the clean water with stable pressure and flow for main industrial machineries, such as water pumps, air compressors, heat exchangers, etc... 

Diesel Engines​


Amot temperature control valves help improve the efficiency and modernize the performance of diesel engines by controlling the jacket water, lube oil and secondary water temperature. The valves decrease warm up time, reduce emissions, and limit downtime. 

If you experience long warm-up times, excessive white smoke coming from the exhaust or difficulty regulating fluid temperatures at idle speed, then you need our Amot temperature control valves.


Oil Machinery


Amot thermostatic valves are very popular on frac units, sand belenders, cementing units and other heavy machinery. 

As a manufacturer of quality components for machinery since 1948, AMOT knows the key to your business is keeping your equipment in optimal condition.

Boilers and Chillers​


In a non-condensing boiler system, operational problems can occur if the return water temperature is not controlled. If the water returned to the boiler drops below 140°F, condensation of the flue gas occurs. This would cause corrosion on the copper fins of the boiler. Conversely, if the temperature of the returned water is too hot, it can lead to thermal shock, a condition where a sudden change in temperature causes rapid and uneven expansion and contraction of the boiler’s structure.


The solution? The Amot thermostatic or actuated temperature control valve.


Air Compressors


Controlling the temperate of lubrication oil is critical to compressor performance. Oil temperature must remain within a tight tolerance to maintain oil viscosity. When the temperature is too hot, oil viscosity thins and causes excessive wear of the rotary screws; if the temperature is too cold, the air forms condensation on the screws and causes them to wear out.


AMOT has a portfolio of rugged, field-proven products designed to enhance the performance and improve the efficiency of compressors by optimizing the overall package size and weight.


Power producers and utilities are facing tighter emissions regulations and greater competition than ever before. As a result, they need to ensure their equipment is running at optimal efficiency to help drive down the cost of energy production. AMOT has a portfolio of rugged, field-proven products designed to improve performance and minimize downtime of turbines. 

Image by Nathan Gonthier

Wind Power & Renewables


Amot thermostatic valves can be applied on wind power frequency converters and control cabinet cooling systems to keep coolant at an appropriate working temperature. 


The Amot valves are an essential asset to companies leading the transition to renewable technologies. Amot products make your systems even more efficient, thus increasing the positive impact on the environment exponentially. 

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